Classic detective services

  • Searching for people and objects
  • Ensuring of facts that can help as proper evidence during the lawsuit and in front of administrative authority
  • Gaining of information that relate with personal status of individuals and corporations or their property
  • Gaining of information that are connected with enforcement of outstanding debts.
  • Searching for conduct that is breaking the law
  • Physical searching of corporations, locate the seat of the company and establish contact.
  • Ensure of creditors
  • Cooperation and recommendation of private executor office
  • Preparation of documents for insolvency proceedings
  • Verification of job applicants
  • Investigation of insurance policy cheat
  • Control of death and similar duties connected with searching in archives and registry offices
  • Help during selection procedure
  • Following and protection of kids
  • Match-maker services
  • ...other services according to agreement


Brief selection of our services